Success Moving Forward

1. The value of embracing diversity

Businesses that are culturally and ethnically diverse are more profitable than homogeneous ones. Companies must embrace diversity at every turn because it’s good for profits, performance, recruiting, and retention. It’s simply smart business for companies to build a culture as diverse as the employees — and customers — they want to attract.

2. The importance of being teachable

Leaders don’t have all the answers, and trying to pretend they do will only inhibit growth. There’s always someone — a professional contact, a vendor, even a junior employee — who will know something you don’t. It’s astonishing what you can learn in a moment of humility, as long as you are open to the possibility.

3. The significance of mental health

Our health care system fails to value mental health sufficiently, but leaders need to avoid the same slight in the workplace. Many employees would rather resign than allow their job to take a toll on their mental health. So unless you want your business to be a victim of the Great Resignation, you’ll need to ensure that your company addresses your employees’ mental health needs.

4. The need to find opportunities for professional growth

Of all people, leaders should understand that employees need space and opportunities to grow. After all, most probably began their professional lives lower on the career ladder than the rung they occupy now. When workers see no path for professional development and advancement in your company, they’re more likely to join today’s mass exodus.

5. The importance of growing while staying lean

The pandemic has caused many different companies to go out of business because they could not keep up with the costs. Books can help you maintain a growth mindset while using limited resources.



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